terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

The Day of the Swine

This morning at 2:30 AM, was the official start of the "Day of the Swine" -- as 477 murderous Palestinian, Islamic animals are being released from their pens. These swine who have butchered civilian men and women, boys and girls, and tiny infants in the name of Islam and Palestine, these worthless representatives of a fake collective called "Palestine", whose biggest claim to fame is their lack of a positive contribution to the human race, are preparing for a hero's welcome by their fellow animals.

Any Muslim, any Imam, any Muslic cleric who does not hang their head in shame at the release of these butchers -- over a thousand by the end of the exchange deal for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, is also part of the herd of swine.

How do they not weep that this exchange proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the absolute value of a single Jew is worth more than over thousand of their fellow co-religionists? Islamic apologists point of the invention of the "zero" as one of the great contributions of Islam to the world. Today we see over a thousand zeros -- a thousand murderous animals, filthy swine being released, as Palestinians celebrate.

Collectively, they are even too stupid to even realize that this exchange minimizes their own self value.

There will never be peace with the Palestinian people. Any person who cheers this release will never desire peace, will never want peace, and cannot comprehend the concept of peace.

The butchers released today, their mobs of supporters, and every Islamic leader who does not denounce them, will rot in hell for eternity.

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