sábado, 17 de novembro de 2012

more Pallywood

Old and busted: Palestinian terrorists and their supporters posting photos of hurt or killed Syrian kids, claiming they are palestinian
New hotness: Palestinian terrorists and their supporters posting photos of hurt or killed Israeli kids, claiming they are palestinian
And it’s not like it is hard to tell this is a photo of an Israeli child, given the Hebrew on the man’s vest.
One tip that can be very helpful: when you see an anti-Israel image online, on a blog or tweet, you can check to see if it is really a new image or a recycled one by using Google Image Search. You can drag the image to the search box in http://images.google.com or you can use the Firefox and Chrome plugins to search from the image itself. Already the anti-Israel crowd has been caught many times posting fake images of dead babies from Syria or elsewhere.

"When you look in horror and astonishment at the British media’s coverage of the onslaught upon Israel from Gaza and Israel's actions in self-defence – and from the messages I am receiving, there are still many, many decent Brits who are indeed appalled beyond measure by the eye-watering bias of the coverage from the BBC, Sky and much of the press – you might well conclude that more, much more, is actually going on here than standard knee-jerk prejudice or ignorance. This is the ugly sound of a very old score indeed that is being settled."

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